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If you do not know the primary data meaning, we will explain it to you further in this text. Probably, you will then realize that hiring one of our experts to assist you is the best idea and effective way to save time and nerves!

Primary Data Definition From Specialists in Research

The primary type of data stands for the information gathered from the primary sources like a source of origin. While books and articles belong to the category of secondary data, results from face-to-face discussions and interviews are the example of primary info.

Students usually deal with the necessity to collect primary sources for their research projects at the college level. It is done to come up with quality, more accurate results. Of course, secondary information should also be considered for the complete picture. In most cases, it is essential to deal with primary sources in the fields of healthcare, political science, business, and marketing.

Only specialists in research can help you with your task of this type. For instance, the writers from our service will collect the necessary primary information for certain purposes at a low cost. Then, they will come up with a brilliant research paper based on those statistics and findings. They can assist you with any sort of tasks and projects that require primary sources and in-depth research:

  • Case studies
  • Certain types of essays (e.g., an extended or persuasive one)
  • Research paper
  • Research proposal
  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Business report
  • Balance sheet
  • Business or marketing plan
  • Coursework
  • Term project
  • The scholarly article, etc.

The price for every writing project is the most reasonable that you have ever found. Our writing experts guarantee excellent quality of every completed work!

What Is Primary Research? Why Does It Matter?

Primary research refers to the methods applied by researchers to gather data directly instead of analyzing the information from the studies conducted earlier. It makes this type of research more challenging than the secondary one. A primary means owning the original data. The idea is to investigate the specific research question, topic, or issue, providing absolutely new suggestions, solutions, and forecasts. Primary studies are most typical for different fields of science, business, marketing, and medicine.

If a primary study is required within a business organization, it is possible to use marketing experts and data managers or outsource this type of research to special agencies. In a college or university environment, a student might have to carry out primary studies to prepare various research pieces of writing. The idea is still to observe the problem in-depth, offering the most effective solutions or implementations. Among all known types of primary studies, the scientist’s name, and use:

  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires

The cost of such research may vary from zero to thousands of dollars depending on the number of respondents and their roles (it might take some money to interview a field expert, for example). Students who cannot cope with their primary studies may turn to our professional research and writing service.

Where to Get Excellent Primary Data Examples Online?

If you decide to attend a trauma unit to interview the surviving patients, you will be doing a primary study. The data collected are the responses that you obtain from every survivor. If you find an average or median, that would be the most accurate estimate for your research. That is how the primary study looks like. However, what if you simply receive access to the database of patients where you can review already collected information based on their answers and laboratory experiments? That would be secondary nor primary.

Do you need more examples of primary info? They will make you better understand the point of your writing assignment. Our experts deal with both primary and secondary data. You can either review free samples and examples of primary study and research analyses on our website. They are free to download, but we kindly ask not to copy-paste any information from those works to avoid issues with plagiarism. To achieve 100% originality with the papers that you buy on our site, we use special online applications that help us to detect any signs of plagiarism.

Another option, which you will probably agree is better, is to ask our research paper experts to help with your college writing assignment. Then, they will take care of the process of collecting primary info as well as other stages required for successful research. Our professionals have access to huge databases and archives of information on any topic in the world. You pay nothing for it – we gather data of a primary type for your research paper at no charge! If you pay for the full project, you get this option for free.

Why Choose Our Service to Process Primary Data for Your Needs

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