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How to Go About Doing a Literature Review

Literature reviews provide students with an opportunity to explore text, findings and research in a particular subject. You may be required to simply summarise these sources or relate them to various other material following a certain pattern and synthesis. You might also be required to give your own interpretation of this material and provide other similar or dissimilar viewpoints on the same.

Literature review writing finds wide applications in theses, dissertations and research papers. However, these experiential-based papers use the literature reviews as a guide and let the writer make new contributions or argue against existing facts. A pure literature review will simply require the writer to summarise the information in various text and doesn’t necessarily require him/her to make any new contributions.

Literature reviews provide a great stepping stone for conducting research on a particular subject, technical or not. They should be up-to-date and kept relevant with all recent sources. Your professor may give you a comprehensive list of sources that you should use, or you may be required to do your own sourcing, which may mean extra research and more work on your hands. It may also make use of different sources, from literary texts, books, journals, manuscripts, web articles, newspapers and other printed or online sources.

Literature review writing requires that you understand the depth of your sources and that you have adequate knowledge in referencing. Depending on your specialization, i.e. Tech, Health Sciences, The Arts or Humanities, you will be required to apply different citation techniques. Lit-reviews require both in-text referencing and bibliographies. Also, it is important to remember that you may not be required to read every source from cover to cover; just those aspects pertaining to your work. The purpose of a literature review is to explore an idea, which you means you have to selectively read and annotate your sources in line with theories and other concepts that you may have been taught in class. Unless otherwise directed, picking themes is always an important part of carrying out lit reviews.

Now that you know what writing a literature review entails, it may seem clearer to you that these papers aren’t exactly the easiest to write. Most students may make the mistake of actually starting off with an actual thesis statement as if they were doing a research-based paper. The proper way to do it would be to provide a guiding introduction that tells the reader what to expect instead of producing a hypothesis. The organisation is important, with the introduction, body and the conclusion or recommendations if needed.

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There are various ways of writing these papers. Some professors may require you to do a chronological review, which basically assesses the material according to how or when it was published, and relates similar subjects according to flowing timelines and trends. In some cases, you may find intersecting subjects which are themed regardless of timelines. In the latter instance, text may alternate between different timelines depending on what themes are most outstanding and relevant to the paper you are writing. Another approach which is applied more to research paper reviews is that of methodology, where text are classified according to the methods applied therein. This will, of course, need further classification and elaboration of what testing methods are to be used and then the student can proceed with the classification in the review.

What stands out is the fact that students may underestimate the depth of research needed for these papers. They need proper organisation, methodological thinking and selectivity in sourcing. Most importantly, you need to do relevant and adequate research to prove that you have command of the subject area and you understand the real basis for doing the paper.

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