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More than a half of students admit that writing a dissertation proposal is the hardest thing they have to do that relates to their dissertation. No wonder – working on your proposal is like writing the entire dissertation but in a miniature form.

In fact, a lot of our clients say that if somebody helped them with the proposal, they would have no problems writing the rest. And if you are one of them, you’ll find our offer extremely useful. How about having an experienced writer develop a proposal for you? And once it’s approved, you will proceed to working on your dissertation without any external help. Let us elaborate on it.

The fundamentals of writing dissertation proposal

It’s probably a good idea to see dissertation proposals as a table of contents for your dissertation. You are supposed to tell what you are planning on researching and with what scientific methods you will do it. The topic of your dissertation may vary in the process, that’s why a proposal is just a rough approximation of your future work.

Of course, the complexity of your proposal will vary on the level of your dissertation – thus, an undergraduate dissertation proposal will require less effort and precision than a graduate one. And when it comes to a PhD dissertation proposal, quality requirements will be even higher.

Also note that proposals will vary significantly depending on the subject, so make sure to know how finance dissertation proposal will differ from the rest. This is especially true to disciplines that are on the opposite ends of the “theoretical-practical” scale. Thus, a law dissertation proposal might have you looking into currently existing legal trends, while a history proposal will take you on a journey into glorious past.

It is important to narrow down your topic enough to make the research laser-focused and set a word limit for your proposal to avoid rambling.

As any other paper, a proposal will require an outline. More on it below.

Dissertation proposal outline

A dissertation proposal outline includes the following parts:

  • Introduction – a chapter where you will state your research question and describe its relation to broader scientific issues, as well as provide background information.
  • Methodology – a chapter where you describe how you will go about writing the paper. The simplistic approach is to define what sources you will use and what kind of data – qualitative or quantitative – you will extract from them.
  • Aims and Objectives – a chapter where you describe what purposes you are trying to achieve with your research and how it will contribute to
  • Literature review – this chapter is basically just a list of sources you will use for research. Here you can also describe how your research relates to already existing works on the same or similar topics.
  • Research constraints – in this chapter, you have to define the limits for your research. Certain research issues will inevitably trigger more complex ones, which you won’t be able to research in your paper. That’s why you need to preserve your focus and set the limits.

Nothing excessively difficult, but a lot of work nonetheless. Why not have a professional writer help you with it?

Writing a dissertation proposal with our help – the benefits

There is one undoubted benefit of having our dissertation proposal writing service help you out – being sure about the result and saving time on iterations. Coming up with a good dissertation research proposal is often about experience and not writing or research skills. That’s why professionals with experience have much more chances of doing it right at the firs try.

However, there are other benefits, too!

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